Black Folks: I Feel Your Pain

Why do African Americans feel that they aren’t part of the American “Dream?”  Why do Black People suspect that some people are actively trying to reduce their role in America’s Future?  Why are so many Blacks being arrested and sent to jail, but other groups aren’t?  Jay Harold has asked these questions and searched for the answers.  Jay Harold’s conclusion is that Black Americans have struggled with the “Why” for hundreds of years. The answers are complicated based on America’s history of race relations.

President Barack Obama is leading the wave of positive change in the Afro- American community. Jay Harold also wants to contribute to this slow upward bound change. Jay Harold is just a brother from Texarkana, who grew up in an almost all black neighborhood and is proud of that fact.  The collective willpower of the black neighborhoods to overcome any and all obstacles isn’t appreciated enough. Let’s get this out of the way; Jay Harold isn’t beholden to drug companies or anyone else. The joy of giving back to the community who helped me is payment enough. Jay Harold wants to help our people climb the economic ladder and be able to live longer to enjoy the benefits.

We Know the Pain of Being Broke

Jay Harold has worked as a pharmacist for over 20 years.  Heartache, pain, and suffering are my constant companions at work. When 14.6% of African Americans of all ages are in fair or poor health; this misery is to be expected. Hope and joy are friends of mine, too. To know that you are helping someone make a positive change in their lives is a wonderful feeling.  The one obvious thing about healthcare is; money is important to better healthcare.  Obamacare is increasing access to healthcare, but African Americans are especially vulnerable because their median weekly first quarter 2015 wages were below the U.S. national average.  Black Americans earned $650 weekly (Table 2) while Whites earned $835, and Asians earned $966 weekly.  The overall median U.S. weekly wage is $776 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jay Harold gives basic information to help you take that first steps to more financial security. The bottom line is, are you ready to take the necessary very hard steps? Jay Harold has a post to get you started,”  MyMoney Improves African Americans’ Money Skills.

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We Know People in Jail

Black Americans are locked up in federal prisons at a rate three times their population according to a June 2015 report from the Federal Bureau Of Prisons. The real problem is that other groups use drugs, but they aren’t punished at the same rate as African Americans. A Washington Post article states, “Even more surprising is what gets left out of the chart: Blacks are far more likely to be arrested for selling or possessing drugs than whites. This even though whites use drugs at the same rate. And whites are more  likely to sell drugs.”

The Sentencing Project reports that  1 out of 13 African-Americans can’t vote because of felony convictions. The felony convictions reduce the role of Blacks in the American democratic process. The fake accusations of Voter Fraud directed at Black Americans lead many to conclude that this is intentional. What have Black People done to deserve this?

Some Neighborhoods are Bad: Not All!

It’s true that almost every black neighborhood could benefit from things taken for granted in other neighborhoods.  There are many “Stop Six” type neighborhoods throughout the country.  “Stop Six’s” economic status compared to Fort Worth, Texas, in general, isn’t uncommon in America.  Jay Harold has visited numerous cities such as Detroit, New Orleans, Los Angeles,  and St. Louis. What Jay Harold saw on the Southside of Chicago seemed more like a prison camp.  Select neighborhoods were flooded with cameras and police cars waiting on the perimeters, what’s that all about?

We Always Defend America

America has always called upon Black men in time of need.  Jesse Owens showed the Nazis on their turf that they weren’t the “Master Race.”  Joe Louis lost to Max Schmeling in their first fight, and

Adolf Hitler portrayed Schmeling as a symbol of Aryan racial superiority.  The second fight lasted 124 seconds, and Joe Louis destroyed that myth.

The U.S. Military has many heroic African-Americans who have served their country proudly.  Benjamin O. Davis,  Michelle Howard, and Colin Powell are just three of many examples of those have

Black Folks: I Feel Your Pain

Buffalo Soldiers fought and died for the United States.

served the country.

Why Listen to Jay Harold?

Why is Jay Harold always working to improve your Health and Wealth?  It’s an easy question to answer!  He has seen and benefited from the love of the “Black Experience!” The hard work of A. Philip Randolph,  George Washington Carver,  Ida B. Wells and others that paved the way for positive change.  Jay Harold has greatly benefited from being a member of American Society, having graduated from an integrated high school and white University  (UMKC).  Jay Harold rejects the theory of “Benign Neglect,” but will not focus on politics. Jay Harold will always praise the good deeds of his almost all black neighborhood and black University (UAPB).  Jay Harold believes that giving back to the community is a given, the legacy of great black leaders is too strong to ignore.

Black Folks: I Feel Your Pain

It could be worse! Jay Harold brought this postcard in Virginia (2014).

Jay Harold left the nurturing environment of UAPB in 1982 to work in the oilfields of Oklahoma. The journey through Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana working for a large oilfield service company could provide some useful insights. More details in future posts.

Remember what Yogi Berra said, “You’ve got to be very careful if you don’t know where you are going because you might not get there.” Jay Harold will help you get there.

Play the free  “Slow Roll Through Civil Rights” Game found on the Jay Harold website. Enjoyed this post? Share it and read more here.

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