Bill Clinton Presidential Library Worthy of a Trip

William (Bill) Clinton Presidential Library-Little Rock, AR

William (Bill) Clinton Presidential Library

The William (Bill) Clinton Presidential Library is worth the trip to Little Rock, Arkansas. The first president in recent times, who African Americans felt would take action to improve their lives and gave the less fortunate hope. Why did blacks think Bill Clinton would help them? Bill Clinton grew up in towns that had sizable black populations. In his daily routine, he would see or interact with blacks. The fact that his family was relatively poor would place him in the public schools of Hot Springs, which had relatively few problems with integrating their public schools. Tell me your experiences with the Clinton Library in the comment section, on Facebook or Twitter.

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Bill Clinton’s Common Bonds to African-Americans are Music and Sports

Bill Clinton’s love of music is well known. His playing of a saxophone on the Arsenio Hall show helped him tremendously in the African American community. The saxophone has always been associated with the “Smooth and Cool” players in the band and one of the most desirable instruments to play in a high school band. Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, and Lester Young were famous black saxophone players in the early 1960’s and inspired many others to play the instrument. Bill Clinton put in hours practicing with the saxophone to become a good player. He also has the cool factor of saxophone players.

Black President's Library worth a Trip to Little Rock

The “Coolness” of Saxophone Players

Sports were of paramount importance in small town Arkansas life in the early 1960’s. The band played at many sporting events including high school football and basketball games. Bill Clinton was a member of an excellent high school band. The band practiced and worked hard to perform well before their fans at the halftime shows. The football and basketball teams would have some black players on them, and the band would interact with the players. President Clinton did many things for Afro-Americans, including helping to preserve our history. He made Little Rock Central High School a National Historic Site. He realized the importance of this painful but necessary period in Arkansas and U.S. history. The library is located on the Arkansas River off Interstate Highway 30, which allows easy access to the site. The library offers very informative tours which highlight significant moments in President Clinton’s personal and professional life. People interested in a more detailed view of events in the first “Black” President’s administration, the research section of the library is open to the public. A digital library, photo and video galleries and President Clinton’s Radio Addresses can be found there. To learn more about The Clinton Presidential Library, visit

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