Black Household Incomes Below National Average

African Americans median household income for 2013 was $34,560 according to The U.S. Census 2013 American Factfinder (See table at the end of article). This means half the black households earn less than $34,560, and half make more. The overall U.S. average for all American families is $53,046 (see table below). Jay Harold elaborates on a recent article written by eHow listing the best places for African Americans to live. The article paints what appears to be a favorable environment for growth. Let’s dig a little deeper!

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Median African American Household Income

The U.S. Census 2013 American Community Survey (ACS) is used by the American Factfinder to estimate median household incomes of American families. The survey casts a disturbing light on the best cities for blacks to live. The core city (city limits) household incomes are listed below in 2013 inflation-adjusted dollars. See related tables at the end of this article.

  • Memphis, TN at $28,956
  • Charlotte, North Carolina is $36,101
  • Atlanta, Georgia’s income $25,384
  • Washington, D.C. $38,124
  • Houston, Texas was $31,977
American American Families are below National Median Household Average

American Americans are Striving to Improve Their Finances

When compared to White median household incomes, the results are astounding! White American’s household median income in Atlanta city was $80,993 while Black American’s income was $25,384. It’s worse in Washington D.C. with White household median household income at $111,886 while African American’s income was $38,124.  The income gap is $20,000 or more in Houston, Memphis, and Charlotte.

Jay Harold realizes Blacks that live outside the city limits boost the overall household average. This fact is true in other groups also. The causes of the income gap are many, but the fact remains that African American’s standard of living is reduced.

What does it mean?

African Americans everywhere are living on the edge! Even the folks in D.C., with their higher cost of living, feel the same economic pressures. The stress on the extended family is tremendous! Conflict over small amounts of money can lead to huge arguments because the budget is very tight.

Jay Harold has a simple, phased approach to this problem. Let’s start with keeping peace in the home. AARP’s article When Adult Kids Move Back Home gives eight rules that help ensure a peaceful home. While everyone is at home, let’s work on our health! See the article on “Talking to Your Doctor.” We must find ways to earn and save more money. Jay Harold has a post, “MyMoney.” on improving your money survival skills. The three steps outlined makes my primary point; you can make changes that will lead to significant improvements in your life.

Jay Harold is always looking to improve your Health and Wealth. Click this link to get free Health and Wealth information to improve your life. Play the free  “Slow Roll Through Civil Rights” Game found on the Jay Harold website. Enjoyed this post? Share it and read more here.


Median Household Income in 2013 Inflation-Adjusted Dollars

Charlotte, NC and Washington, D.C. Census Data

Median Household Income in 2013 Inflation-Adjusted Dollars

Houston, TX, and Washington, D.C. Census Data

Median Household Income in 2013 Inflation-Adjusted Dollars

Atlanta, GA, and Memphis, TN 2013 Census Data

Median Household Incomes in 2013 Inflation-Adjusted Dollars

Median Household Incomes in 2013 Inflation-Adjusted Dollars (Factfinder)







Double click on Census Data Sheet to enlarge for viewing!

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