My Groove Music Video By Morgan Bouldin

At first glance, it would appear that big Afros and smooth jazz have nothing in common. But pianist Morgan Bouldin delivers an eclectic mix of shaggy hair, pretty smiles and good times inexplicably linking these odd bedfellows while showcasing one of his signature songs, My Groove. Afro images abound, small, large, curly, shaking and twisted, all inspiring the true meaning of the word groovy.

Relax and enjoy the music that tells your story.

Morgan Bouldin (born Houston, Texas) is a smooth American jazz, soul jazz pianist, producer, vocalist, arranger, and composer. Since the release of It’s a Mystery to Me in 1996, all of Bouldin’s albums have been self-produced independent releases, with Bouldin producing many of his tracks with a variety of synthesizer, drum and sample textures as well as featuring a variety guest musicians. Within the realm of smooth jazz, Bouldin ( ) is best known for his R&B flavored rhythms, soulful background vocals, and synthesized heavy bass patterns.

Here’s a quote from Wyclef Jean that talks about the groove:My Groove Music Video By Morgan Bouldin

“That’s the best way to feed the human mind. That’s how Bob Marley did it. He never put it in your face. After you got the groove, you were just singing the hooks, because you thought it was cool. ”

Jay Harold has appreciated the music of Morgan Bouldin for several years and thanks him for allowing his music to be used on the website.


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