Manage Retirement, Now: Social Security

Manage Retirement, Now: Social Security

Social Security is the most important financial resource for many Americans in retirement.  African Americans are especially vulnerable because their median weekly 2013-14 wages were significantly below the U.S. national average.  Black Americans earned $629 weekly while Whites earned $802, and Asians earned $942 weekly.  The overall Median U.S. weekly wage is $776 according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The U.S. Census Bureau’s 2013 American Community Survey shows that Black Median Household income was $34,815 while the national average was $52,250.  Learn more by reading Jay Harold’s Post “Black  Household Income Below National Average.” 

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What’s Your Gameplan?

The statistics on wages are depressing for Black folks, but somehow a way to survive must be found!  Jay Harold has written several posts addressing the economic issues confronting African Americans and how to improve your situation.  The goal of this post is for you to take advantage of the tools the Social Security Administration (SSA) provides.  One of the first steps is to create an online account on the SSA website. The benefits of creating an account are many, including having easy access to your Social Security information.  The following information and video is from SSA and gives a good overview of the online account creation process.

You probably plan to receive Social Security benefits someday. Maybe you already do. Either way, you’ll want a (My Social Security) account to:

    • Keep track of your earnings and verify them every year;
    • Get an estimate of your future benefits if you are still working;
    • Get a letter with proof of your benefits if you currently receive them; and
    • Manage your benefits:
      • Change your address;
      • Start or change your direct deposit;
      • Get a replacement Medicare card; and
      • Get a replacement SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S for tax season.

Setting up an account is quick, secure, and easy. Join the millions and create an account now! (My Social Security)

*With instant access to your Social Security Statement at any time, you will no longer receive one periodically in the mail, saving money and the environment.  Thank you for Going Green!

Why Do This: Jay Harold?

Why is Jay Harold always working to improve your Health and Wealth?  It’s an easy question to answer!  Jay Harold was born in Atlanta, Texas, and raised in Texarkana, Arkansas in the 1960s and 70s.  He has seen and benefited from the love of the “Black Experience!”  The hard work of A. Philip Randolph,  George Washington Carver,  Ida B. Wells and others that paved the way for positive change.  Jay Harold has greatly benefited from being a member of American Society, having graduated from an integrated high school and mostly white university  (UMKC).  Jay Harold will always praise the good deeds of his almost all black neighborhood and black university (UAPB).  Jay Harold believes that giving back to the community is a given, the legacy of great black leaders is too strong to ignore.

Play the free  “Slow Roll Through Civil Rights” Game found on the Jay Harold website. Enjoyed this post? Share it and read more here.



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