Why Black Women Deserve Your Love! Always Have & Will!

Jay Harold loves and respects Black Women! You are the backbone that holds the African-American community together. Black Women are the very essence of Blackness.  The question,  “Why Black Women Deserve Your Love,” is difficult for Jay Harold to ask. The answer is clear to Jay Harold. When times get tough, Black Women will be there for you.

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The wisdom, patience and compassion of Black Women are undeniable. They look at the overall picture and place you in the right position for success. When success isn’t possible, Black Women will tell you the unpleasant truth. How can you ask for more than that?

Why Black Women Deserve Your Love! Always Have & Will!

Black Women are the backbone that holds the African-American community together.

Black Men crave the attention of their mothers. This fact seldom changes throughout a man’s life. Why? Our Mama is the Black Man’s most loyal and faithful advocate. Even when we are wrong, Mama still loves her son. Black Men will defend their Mama at all costs. Against anyone, including their Daddy!

Jay Harold has been a pharmacist working in Nevada, Minnesota and Texas over the last 25 years. The one thing that was constant in these very different locations were the negative stereotypes of African-American Women. Listed below are some of the most unfortunate stereotypes:

  • The Angry Black Woman
  • The Welfare Queen
  • The Negative Stereotype of an Independent Black Woman

Jay Harold will address these stereotypes with love songs for my Black Women.  Jay Harold’s first response is Jon B’s “They Don’t Know.” If the critics of Black Women spent one day listening, they would learn that Black Women are your best friends. The stereotypes do a terrible disservice to one of America’s  greatest assets, Black Women!

The Angry Black Woman is often the stereotype presented to the general public of Black Women. Jay Harold has many things to say about this stereotype. Black Women are often ignored and have to fight for attention as a customer, co-worker or patient. When they fight for their beliefs in any environment,  they’re deemed difficult. Jay Harold’s response, “I’m Every Woman,” by Chaka Khan.

Why Black Women Deserve Your Love! Always Have & Will!

There’s no anger in this house!

The median income of African-American households (Page 69)  was $35,324 in 2013 according to the United States Census.  The African-American median household income is well below the national average of $53,585 (Page 69) and forces difficult economic choices.  Black Women are the ones who make most of the decisions for the family. Jay Harold has a post, “Black Household Incomes Below National Average,” that provides more information on this topic.

Jay Harold has wondered why people feel the need to ask him about “Black Welfare Queens.” Multiple children, an expensive car and living off the government are the staples of these stories. Jay Harold has heard the stories even in states like Nevada and Minnesota,  with small Black populations. The Henry K. Kaiser Family Foundation has created an excellent chart showing the Distribution of the Nonelderly with Medicaid by Race/Ethnicity. The chart shows that Black Folks aren’t the major users of Medicaid. The facts get in the way of telling a bad story about Black Women.

The negative stereotype of an Independent Black Woman is puzzling to Jay Harold. That’s what we should want in Black Women! Sisters, don’t worry about that nonsense. The O’Jays “Stairway to Heaven”  is your destination.

Black Women are the guiding light of the community. Jay Harold found a poem, “Only a Black Woman,” that summarizes his thoughts. Jay Harold will always defend Black Women.

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